Macrew Technologies is a software development company founded by a crew of highly qualified software engineers who believe in quality work and 100% customer satisfaction. Macrew Technologies stands for intelligent crew and our approach is distinctive, through an unbiased, agile combination of smarter process science, targeted technology and advanced analytics. We help our clients become more competitive by making their enterprises more intelligent, adaptive, innovative, globally effective, and connected to their own users and clients. Macrew Technologies offers development and consulting services that address IT requirements like Web architecture, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications and development of enterprise business systems. We provide entire IT Solutions without compromising in Quality product and the services provided. In Macrew Technologies, we are passionate about creating innovative IT Solutions for our clients and work with them as a partner to conceptualize, develop and Support them in maintenance of their IT solutions in all technology driven businesses.

Macrew Technologies Principles

Macrew Technologies provides premium web development and strategy expertise to customers worldwide. Our principle is to form long- term relationships with the clients in offshore outsourcing and offer them with incredible values in business.


As a trusted long term development partner to many global customers, we bring deftness, honesty, creativity and trust to every project.


We give importance to what we do and stand behind our work and its quality. Our satisfaction correlated with client’s satisfaction and our motto is long-term client relationships so we offer 100 % guarantee of our work.


We pride ourselves in powering businesses with persistent innovation in technologies, approaches, methodologies and processes. Macrew Technologies's employees are dedicated to improving the agility and scalability our clients' businesses and both are rewarded by the results.


We encourage good relationships among our employees to promote the trade of ideas and foster a collaborative spirit. We also team up with our clients to make an alliance that is greater than the sum of its parts.


We never settle, but continually improve upon our work to ensure we provide our clients the best possible service and most up-to-date solutions. Our standards for excellence enable our clients to benefit their own customers.


Honesty is very important to our organization. The understanding and trust we have built in the company are heavily based on this principle. Honesty raises work efficiency and quality and allows for open communication.

Our Approach

We work with our customers as Partners not as vendor because partners understand each other, sharing a common goal to produce work of high quality and exceptional value to business development while collaborating to solve problems. The goals of a vendor are to complete what the client defines and rely on a signed contract when problems occur.

Business Level Approach

We consider a project to be successful only when business stakeholders see the value of the investments required to complete the development. To ensure that the business needs are properly addressed we always align the project goals and timelines with the business goals. We keep the development flexible to meet ever changing needs of the business.

Execution Level Approach

We see the strength of Macrew Technologies service in our ability for efficient problem solving rather than working under the tight control of day-by-day supervision by the customer. This means that the engagement structure should include not only the development services but also such components as discovery, solution proof of concept, ongoing support and improvements

Continuous Delivery

The Continuous Delivery approach is at the heart of Macrew Technologies Delivery Model. We provide a flexible, efficient and reliable framework for project execution and delivery. The key feature of the approach is an optimized delivery cycle so that changes and enhancements can be implemented quickly and the results can be reliable, predictable and available for review. Also, the process is tailored according to project requirements to ensure that we are not too rigid in processes.

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